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Arkansas Valley Seed is a major supplier of turfgrass seeds for residential lawns, sods farms, golf courses and sports fields. We offer a wide range of turfgrass products that include most major proprietary and common varieties from bentgrass to tall fescue as well as mixtures that are specially formulated for the Rocky Mountain region. We also have a mixer dedicated to producing sod quality Kentucky Bluegrass. View our turfgrass seed varieties below.

Fine Fescue Seed

Arkansas Valley Seed provides a great selection of fine fescue grass seeds for residential and commercial lawns, sods farms, golf courses, and parks. Our fine fescue offerings provide a wide range of high-quality, low-maintenance seed species with varying colors and growth densities. From shade tolerant lawn grass to dense, tough turfgrass varieties, Arkansas Valley Seed supplies the highest quality fine fescue grass seed for your every need.

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Fine Fescue Seed Products

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue is an improved red fescue variety. It is a consistent performer for improved turf quality and is a medium green color. Boreal has a fine leaf texture, able to withstand heat and drought. Boreal Creeping Red Fescue performs well in sun and shade. Reduced mowing requirements.


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Shadow II

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