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Farm & Agriculture Seed

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Arkansas Valley Seed is a key supplier of forage and pasture products, including many proprietary varieties, to farms and ranches throughout the West and Great Plains. Through our vast network of dealers, we offer a broad lineup of alfalfa products along with an extensive selection of sorghums, wheat, oats, barley and millets. From forage crop for livestock farmers to grasses cultivated for grain production and forage, Arkansas Valley Seed has your farm and agricultural seed needs covered.

Legume Seed

No farm and agriculture seed supply would be complete without legume seeds. Arkansas Valley Seed supplies the highest quality legumes seed including peas, vetch, cover and alfalfa seeds. From helping increase soil health and yields to functioning as cover crops for erosion control to supplying grazing forage for livestock, Arkansas Valley Seed provides the legume seeds needed for any application.

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Alfalfa Seed

Alfalfa is a deep rooted and moderately long-lived perennial. Alfalfa is one of the most widely used legumes for hay production. Also found in pasture, range and revegetation mixes. Some alfalfa varieties exhibit spreading ability that is suitable for grazing.

Alsike Clover Seed

Alsike is a winter hardy, short- lived perennial clover that acts as a biennial. It is well adapted to cool climates and wet soils. Alsike is ideal for hay production in areas of high precipitation or poorly drained soils and for short rotation pasture mixes.

Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed

Birdsfoot trefoil is a long lived legume, highly palatable, with a high feed value. It is winter hardy. Widely adapted, easy to maintain and has certain advantages over alfalfa, ladino or red clover. It is more tolerant of infertile and acidic soil, less likely to cause bloat and survives better than most legumes.

Cicer Milkvetch Seed

Cicer milk vetch is an extremely winter hardy, long lived, sod forming perennial legume. Its forage is late-maturing, bloat free, succulent and very palatable for all classes of livestock.

Common Vetch Seed

Common Vetch is a summer annual vine with leaves that are divided into many leaflets. Although considered a weed when found growing in a cultivated grainfield, this hardy plant is often grown as green manure or livestock fodder.

Crown Vetch Seed

Crown vetch is a sod forming and long-lived perennial. Crown Vetch can be used on slopes to stabilize erodible soils.

Field Peas Seed

Field pea is an annual cool season grain legume that produces a high-quality, high- protein crop. Field pea (also known as dry pea) differs from fresh peas in that field pea is marketed as a dry, shelled product for either human or animal food whereas fresh peas are typically marketed as a fresh vegetable for human consumption. Field Peas may be interseeded with oats or spring triticale to improve the forage value of the hay.

Hairy Vetch Seed

Hairy vetch is a hardy, winter annual legume that can be planted in either fall or spring. It is used for hay, pasture or as erosion control and is commonly planted with cereal grains.

Ladino Clover Seed

Ladino is a long-lived perennial which spreads by creeping stems or stolons that root at the nodes. A giant form of white clover which is very high in protein, vitamins and minerals. It is a good producer of high quality feed and is utilized extensively as a soil building crop. Ladino Clover is an excellent legume to use in combination with other legumes and grasses.

Mammoth Red Clover Seed

Mammoth red clover or single- cut clover is not as desirable for hay or pasture as medium red clover. It blooms about 10 days to 2 weeks later than medium red clover and recovers very slowly after cutting. Mammoth Red Clover is larger and coarser than medium and tends to be more perennial in growth habit.

Medium Red Clover Seed

Red clover is a short-lived perennial, 2-3 years, and usually produces 2-3 cuttings of hay or silage per year with most aggressive growth in the spring. Red clover is an aggressive establisher and can be seeded alone, in mixtures with grasses, frost seeded with a nurse crop, or interseeded into an existing stand. Forage quality is comparable with alfalfa quality under similar harvest schedule.

Sainfoin Seed

Sainfoin is a winter hardy, non-bloat legume whose forage is high in quality, very palatable and readily consumed. It is deep-rooted and very drought resistant.

Strawberry Clover Seed

Strawberry clover is a short- lived perennial with some creeping ability. It is tolerant of wet saline and alkaline soils. Strawberry clover can be used for erosion control.

White Blossom Clover Seed

White clover is a short growing biennial used for grazing or haylage. It is shallow rooted and spreads by creeping branches which root at the nodes. It grows best under cool, fer- tile, moist conditions. White clover is an aggressive creeper.

White Dutch Clover Seed

White Dutch clover is short- lived creeping perennial. It is shallow-rooted so it makes a good choice for lawns and pasture mixes. Very cold hardy.

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover Seed

Yellow blossom sweet clover is a cold tolerant biennial that is very easy to establish. Drought and cold tolerant, use for erosion control on saline and alkaline soils. Matures 10 to 14 days earlier than White Blossom Clover.