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Arkansas Valley Seed is a major supplier of turfgrass seeds for residential lawns, sods farms, golf courses and sports fields. We offer a wide range of turfgrass products that include most major proprietary and common varieties from bentgrass to tall fescue as well as mixtures that are specially formulated for the Rocky Mountain region. We also have a mixer dedicated to producing sod quality Kentucky Bluegrass. View our turfgrass seed varieties below.

Bentgrass Seed

Arkansas Valley Seed offers a variety of bentgrass seed products ideal for lawns, golf courses, fairways, roughs, and athletic fields. From Luminary Bentgrass with improved disease resistance to bentgrass blends that are known for high density, fine texture, and aggressive growth, Arkansas Valley Seed has your turfgrass needs covered.

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Bentgrass Seed Products

Luminary Bentgrass

Development by Dr. Stacy Bonos and Rutgers University, Luminary was tested as A03-TDN2 and is the result of years of improvements in creeping bentgrass development in the humid transition zone. In the 2010 NTEP trials, Greens Data, Luminary rated #1 at Indiana and New Jersey and in the top statistical group across other regions. The improved disease resistance will save time, money and improve conditions. Luminary bentgrass was #1 for Anthracnose (NJ1) and Dollar Spot (AR1) resistance in these trials. Luminary can be used for interseeding existing greens, tees and fairways in blends, as well as a stand alone cultivar for use on the most discriminating properties. Luminary bentgrass displayed outstanding performance where take all patch brought others down. Luminary has avoided extremes as some other new cultivars are exhibiting. Fine yet durable. Brilliant color but not super dark or light as some other new releases are exhibiting. Not "puffy" dense.

Memorial Bentgrass

Memorial is an outstanding creeping bentgrass for golf course tees, fairways and putting greens. It's an excellent choice for overseeding into existing bentgrass tees and fairways. Bred at Rutgers University for a fine texture and excellent density, plus improved dollar spot performance, Memorial will complement and improve older generation creeping bentgrass varieties. In addition, it is also ideal for improving turf quality and enhancing disease resistance in blends. Memorial Creeping Bentgrass is on the tees and fairways at Black Wolf Run GC, Kohler, WI, host of the 2012 U.S. Women's Open Championship.

Nu-Penn Blend Bentgrass

Nu-Penn Blend creeping bentgrass. This blend of Penn A-4, G-2 and G-6 bent grass will provide an excellent playing surface due to the similar high density, fine texture, aggressive growth habit, improved disease resistance and heat and cold tolerance. Coloration is medium to dark green. Will out-compete grassy weeds such as Poa annua.

Penn A-1 Creeping Bentgrass

Penn A-1 creeping bentgrass has a very dark green coloration, fine leaf texture, tremendous heat and cold tolerance, very high density and superior disease resistance. This bent grass variety has very good winter color and spring green up. It provides a superb putting surface and will provide an excellent playing surface on golf course tees and fairways, too.

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Penn A-1/A-4 Bentgrass Blend

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Penn A-4 Creeping Bentgrass

Penn A-4 creeping bentgrass is dark green with fine leaf texture, exceptional heat and cold tolerance, high density, disease resistant and aggressive growth habit. Smooth grainless putting surface and will also provide a good playing surface for golf course tees and fairways. It is proven to be adaptable to various conditions.

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Penn Trio Creeping Bentgrass

PennTrio Certified creeping bentgrass is an obvious choice for tees and fairways. It combines the strengths of Penncross, Penneagle and PennLinks II. This certified blend of creeping bentgrass has a wide range of climatic adaptability, due to the genetic diversity of the blend.

PennLinks II Bentgrass

PennLinks II bentgrass provides an excellent playing surface for tees, fairways and greens. This bent grass variety has a medium dark green coloration, with semi-fine erect growth habit and semi-aggressiveness. Increased density with improved disease resistance to dollar spot. Same good heat and drought tolerance as the original.

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Penncross Creeping Bentgrass

Penncross creeping bentgrass has set the bentgrass standard since 1955. It has a medium green coloration and has rapid establishment. This bentgrass variety is known for its aggressive, lateral growth habit and wide range of adaptability. Penncross creeping bentgrass has excellent resistance to dollar spot as well as other diseases.

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Penneagle II Bentgrass

Penneagle II bentgrass provides an excellent playing surface for tees and fairways. It has a medium-fine, non-aggressive, semi-erect growth habit with a dark green coloration. Early spring green up helps compete against grassy weeds such as Poa annua. Penneagle II bentgrass variety can be used for winter overseeding in the sunbelt.

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Seaside II Creeping Bentgrass

Seaside II creeping bentgrass provides a high-quality turf playing surface for tees, fairways and greens. This bentgrass variety has shown very good drought tolerance and the ability to use effluent or water sources that have a salt level to 15,000 ppm, with a pH of 7.5 - 8.5. Seaside II creeping bentgrass has shown excellent resistance to dollar spot and other turf diseases.

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